A question of Economics and Depilitation

14 Nov

Ok, so I’m cruising the (e)bay, trolling for deals on exotic blades and razors to satiate my various ADs, and a thought hits me. I see these guys selling bulk packs of blades, and the numbers start crunching in my head.

Okay, let’s say I want to buy 100 blades of “Scraypur-face” brand blades, you know, the ones with “polychromic titani-platinum microsurface nano-edges and hand laser-etched blood-wicking grooves to keep your weepers clean.” Let’s say for the ease of math that these things cost $25.00 US with no shipping. Alright, that comes out to .25 a blade right? So, if Razordood_127 can sell me those blades at .25 a piece, what’s he paying for them? I’m guessing around .15 a blade, a clear .10 per profit. Not too shabby. I’m all for Razordood_127 getting a little on the side for acting as a middleman and getting me my blades that are only available in stores in Lower Slobberonia, but my question is this:

When Razordood_127 decides he wants to sell blades, where does he go to get the blades for .15 a piece? I’m assuming he has to buy a half-million blades to get that price, and are there really enough of us out there using those blades to warrant that big of a purchase? I mean, there’s got to be at least another half dozen guys selling those very same Scraypur-face blades, making that same .10 per blade… and if it only costs Razordood_127 .15 a blade, that means that the manufacturer probably makes them for less than a penny apiece, leaving me wondering why they don’t just sell them direct at .20 and cut out the middleman, thus giving the end consumer a better deal and possibly selling more blades. Because hey, at that price, I can afford to change a blade every 3 shaves instead of my usual 7.

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Posted by on November 14, 2007 in blades, cheap, razors


One response to “A question of Economics and Depilitation

  1. Jim

    November 14, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    hmmmm, interesting…
    i have had yet another thought:
    don’t know if you’ve noticed my avatar on B&B yet (wile e coyote), but in browsing the interwebs came across a youtube video of “cowbell hero”, instead of guitar hero…
    and got the idea of a picture of him with his beard, and instead of holding a drumstick, a razor…hmmmm


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