Polly Ticks

26 Jan

Finally!  An update!  I know, I should really update more frequently, and I’m going to try to do better about that.

Ok, now for the topic of today’s discussion.  I didn’t want to do this.  But I feel I must.  I’m going to discuss politics.  Don’t worry, this will be relatively painless, and short.  I don’t want to get too heavily into things, and I don’t want to tell you who I think you should vote for.  I’m merely going to ask you to look at one particular candidate and encourage you to learn more about him.

So, without further ado, I ask you, have you joined the Ron Paul Revolution yet?  This guy really seems to meet the ideals that almost everyone I know says they want in a president.  I’m frustrated with how the mainstream media seems to whitewash him.  If you look at his numbers, he’s pulling in some serious bread and a great many supporters, but almost no-one in this country knows anything about him, unless they take the time to look him up on the internet.  Why is the media hiding him?  The best I can figure is that they don’t believe in his message.  A simple search for Ron Paul on youtube will show all kinds of instances where Paul has been mistreated by Fox News (affecionately referred to as Faux Noise by many in the Paul movement).  I’m not saying you have to agree with Ron Paul on anything, and I don’t care if you do prefer Huckabee, Romney, Rudy, McCain, or even Hillary or Obama, but I encourage you to look at what Ron Paul has to say, search your heart, and if you agree with him, remember him on voting day.

Every time I mention Ron Paul, I hear, “He doesn’t have a chance of winning.”  My question is, “Why?”  Is it because nobody knows about him?  Well, let’s do our part to change that.  Let’s spread the word, and at least give Dr. Paul a fighting chance.

To learn more about Ron Paul, check out these sites:

Ron Paul 2008


If you think the media isn’t short-sheeting Paul, look at this page

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Posted by on January 26, 2008 in politics


One response to “Polly Ticks

  1. Robyn

    February 2, 2008 at 5:31 am

    Well said! Hey, where were y’all–I had dinner ready! Not really, too many germs around here to bring in outsiders. Y’all take care!


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