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To My True Love

Your smile is a lightness and a warmth in a cold and dark world.
You bring my soul to the brink of joy and open my heart to all that would otherwise pass by unnoticed, uncared-for.
Your love softens that within me that has been hardened by time, calloused with apathy, and eroded with distrust.
You have a way of looking into my eyes and seeing that which escapes even me, opening my soul and digesting it with a rapturous joy that can only exist between lovers.
You make yourself strong by making yourself vulnerable— opening up to new experiences, tasting life with gusto, and trusting with all your heart, safe in my care, and His.
You are quick with laughter, swift of tear, and expedient when traveling between the two, wearing your emotions on your sleeve, your heart open to scrutiny.
Your tender embrace is a cocoon of safety and sincerity, begging to be shared, often overlooked— under appreciated. It is appreciated. Know that.
Your mind is a pleasant maze of whimsy, a world to be lost in, and an utter mystery, hiding gently behind those bright, amazing eyes.
When the temporal shackles of life flood around me, it comforts me to know that you are there, living with me— living life, loving life, and losing ourselves in each other.
You are, by the grace of Almighty, my helpmate, completing that which could not be completed, filling the unfillable void, and mending the wounds of this life by your mere presence.
I Love You.


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Monty Zoomer

I don’t know who that Monty Zoomer was, but when he’s done getting revenge on me and my wife, I plan on looking him up, and handing down a little vengence of my own. That is one vile stomach virus that is floating around. Please, do whatever you have to do to avoid catching it.

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Polly Ticks, Part the Second

As I read over my last post, I realized it sounded like I was whining about Ron Paul being treated unfairly. He certainly is being treated unfairly, but this should come as no small surprise. He is essentially a 3rd party candidate, being so far removed from what the Republican party actually practices. He, to my mind, appears to be more in line with the Libertarian party ideals. I’m actually okay with that. In fact, I hold a certain amount of hope that if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, the Libertarians will put him up on their ticket, just so that maybe he’ll get a little more press when it counts.

Here’s the deal– whether or not Paul makes it to the White House, he’s doing something very important. He’s making people re-think the whole election process. He’s helping people to understand that they need to question all news outlets and sources of information– including the internet. It’s easy to experience the “echo chamber effect” when visiting many of the social websites out there. It’s kind of like when there’s a shark attack or a mine cave-in, that’s all the news reports for a few months. Well, election news is the same way. When one station reports on a select few candidates, they all gravitate to those few. Likewise, the web. The difference, I think, is the audience. Web surfers tend to be more interactive minded. We’re more likely to enjoy our anonymouty and our privacy, and we mostly feel that the best way to maintain that is to keep government out of our business. Ron Paul seems to be the guy that wants to help us with that. I think that’s part of the reason he has such a strong web-based support.

One things for certain. If we truly want change in government, we’ve got to stop waiting until an election year to affect it. If the current administration isn’t addressing the issue you feel need to be addressed, start talking about it. Bring it up in conversation, share your beliefs with your neighbors, and encourage them to do the same. Let’s not all just bury our heads in the sand and pretend the problems don’t exist until it’s too late. Be vocal. If Ron Paul has good ideas, start talking about those ideas instead of talking about how Ron Paul is being treated unfairly (I know, physician, heal thyself!). Let people know what is important in todays age. Eventually, the idea will spread and when election time comes, people will be ready to accept the solutions that need to happen. Part of the problem with Paul’s message is that it’s so radically different from the status quo, that people aren’t ready to hear it. Let’s change that.

I am going to get around to talking about shaving stuff eventually. I’ve got a razor I want to share with you.

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