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It still has that “New Blog” smell!

Well, as you can no doubt see, I’ve got some new digs!  I decided to move over to wordpress from blogger when my wife decided to set up her blog over here.  I’ve been working with the wordpress software for several weeks on a project for my job, and have become pretty familiar with it’s interface, so it seemed a natural move.  So, take the time to look around and check things out… I tried to import everything from my old blog, but the pictures didn’t make it.  I’ll be working on getting that sorted out soon.  Thanks for looking, and let me know what you think of the new place.

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Two conversations about the same thing.

“Remind me to pick up some new blades when we go to town.”
“For the triple-headed beastrazor?”
“That’s the one.”
“What do those things cost? Four bucks for three cartridges?”
“$5 for 4 if I get them at Walmart.”
“You know, these blades cost about 15 cents apiece.”
“Yeah, but that razor scares me.”
“Why don’t you try it? This one has about 6 shaves on it, so it won’t be scary sharp.”
“Is that your british razor?”
“Yeah, it’s got a short handle, but it’s smooth.”
“Okay, how do I do this?”
“Well, you start by finding the grain— like so…”
“Hmmm… with my other razor, I just went up and down like this—”
“Yeah, but with this one, you use really light pressure— here, hold it like this and let the weight of the razor do all the work. See? Now, if you’ll notice, the grain goes this way here, so just follow that.”
“Oh wow, that’s smooth, but do they make a razor with a longer handle?”
“Yeah, Gillette made a lady shaver that has a long handle… in fact, Jim has an extra one. He picked up a blue one for a song, and then got the more sought-after pink handle a few days later.”
“Would he sell it?”
“I dunno— hang on…”
“Hey Jim, wanna sell a razor? The blue handle. Sure, I’ll be in town later. How much? Deal! I’ll throw in a puck of Uncle Albert’s Amazing, too.”
“We’ll have you set up on the morrow, m’lady.”
Fast forward to the next day.
“I can’t believe it, I’m actually looking forward to shaving!”
“You don’t say?”
“You’re going to write about this on the Badger and Blade and your blog aren’t you?”

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Last Night’s Shave

As I crawled into the tub, not really looking forward to the task that lie ahead, I thought to myself, “There’s no way this shave is going to be worth a crap tonight, I don’t feel good and my heart just isn’t in it.”

My sinuses full of detritus, I couldn’t breath, I briefly eyed the aqua velva and considered giving it a good snort just to see if that would releive some of the pressure. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, noting the black eye that’s forming as a result of the sinus blockage. After a good long soak ‘n’ scrub, I looked at the impliments that would likely spell my doom.

An african violet pot turned scuttle, filled with 2 cups of boiling water straight from the hotshot.
A Burma Shave boar— I’m giving the badger a rest for awhile.
A British Rocket with freshly loaded walmart Personna
A headblade with freshly loaded Dollar General Atra cartridge
A bottle of Headslick
An Old Spice mug loaded with an Uncle Albert’s Amazing Solid Cream Shaving Cake –Atreides scent
A nearly empty bottle of Pinaud’s Bay Rum

After holding a washrag over my face for several minutes, more to ease the pain of breathing than to prep for the shave, I loaded up my brush. Building a lather in the scuttle, I got it to an acceptable consitency and began smearing on my face. Nothing too unusual so far. Then, bringing the razor to my face, I remember some advice I picked up on here. For years, I’ve been leading with the safety bar, so I tried doing it the other way around. I placed the top of the razor to my skin and gently rocked it down until the blade was at what I considered to be the proper angle. I couldn’t really go by auditory feedback because the space heater drowns everything out. I swiped the razor along on a wtg pass. I could feel nothing. Surely, I remembered to load a blade? Yup, there’s a blade in there… feel, feel, feel. Wow, it was almost BBS on the first pass. I finished up the pass and was amazed at how smooth I was. I flipped my razor and did an ATG and I was done. That was an amazingly quick and smooth shave… I had 2 little spots that needed touching up, and I was done. I splashed a little bayrum on, expecting the inevitable burn, and barely felt anything— that neeeeever happens!

Next, I lathered up my noggin, and went to town with the head blade. No second passes, no drags, no knicks— everything went according to plan. Splashed on a little bayrum up top, and again, hardly any burn. I couldn’t believe how well that shave went. It felt so good, that for a few minutes, I didn’t realize I was in pain from my allergies.

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