Two conversations about the same thing.

21 Apr

“Remind me to pick up some new blades when we go to town.”
“For the triple-headed beastrazor?”
“That’s the one.”
“What do those things cost? Four bucks for three cartridges?”
“$5 for 4 if I get them at Walmart.”
“You know, these blades cost about 15 cents apiece.”
“Yeah, but that razor scares me.”
“Why don’t you try it? This one has about 6 shaves on it, so it won’t be scary sharp.”
“Is that your british razor?”
“Yeah, it’s got a short handle, but it’s smooth.”
“Okay, how do I do this?”
“Well, you start by finding the grain— like so…”
“Hmmm… with my other razor, I just went up and down like this—”
“Yeah, but with this one, you use really light pressure— here, hold it like this and let the weight of the razor do all the work. See? Now, if you’ll notice, the grain goes this way here, so just follow that.”
“Oh wow, that’s smooth, but do they make a razor with a longer handle?”
“Yeah, Gillette made a lady shaver that has a long handle… in fact, Jim has an extra one. He picked up a blue one for a song, and then got the more sought-after pink handle a few days later.”
“Would he sell it?”
“I dunno— hang on…”
“Hey Jim, wanna sell a razor? The blue handle. Sure, I’ll be in town later. How much? Deal! I’ll throw in a puck of Uncle Albert’s Amazing, too.”
“We’ll have you set up on the morrow, m’lady.”
Fast forward to the next day.
“I can’t believe it, I’m actually looking forward to shaving!”
“You don’t say?”
“You’re going to write about this on the Badger and Blade and your blog aren’t you?”

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Posted by on April 21, 2008 in b and b, blades, cheap, personal, quality, razors, shaving


One response to “Two conversations about the same thing.

  1. Jim

    April 22, 2008 at 4:00 am

    such a lovely story, sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face that knows the secret of a great shave


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