12 May

“Wussy in a wig?” What’s that? It’s an acronym for What You See Is Not What You Get. There were several reasons for my move to from— the WYSIWYG editor was not one of them. While wordpress does a lot of things very well, handling the entry and editing of posts is not a strong point with the service. I have had intermittent issues with the editor randomly losing wordwrap, aligning text incorrectly and just overall frustration with the lack of certain features. (‘font size’ should be a standard feature in any editor.) My frustration led me to find w.bloggar. This diminutive piece of software is a great little tool. It works with several different hosts, including wordpress and blogspot, to allow you to type up your posts outside of the web front-end and upload and even publish them at your leisure. It will directly upload your post without you ever having to touch the dashboard on wordpress. While by no means perfect, it does answer several of the little knit-picky things that might bother you with online tools. I’ve only just begun to start using it, but already I’ve discovered some neat features including the ability to set multiple categories for your post. One feature that seems to be missing, however, is the ability to edit tags. One nice thing about this program is that it’s portable. You just unzip the file and drop it on your thumbdrive and you can carry your post editing tool with you. The initial setup was a little tricky, but after a quick perusal of the interwebs, I found some tips on how to configure it. Perhaps the greatest of all features on w.bloggar is it’s price-tag. Free.


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6 responses to “WYSINWYG

  1. LeisureGuy

    May 13, 2008 at 1:07 am

    I used BlogDesk for a while, and it worked well. They updated since, so it’s probably even better.

  2. gentlemanbeggar

    May 13, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    I think I remember looking briefly at blogdesk for awhile when I was over at blogspot, but I really liked the portability factor of wbloggar. I found it in the help forums here at wordpress, so I figure if others here are recommending it, it was worth a look-see.

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