I Don’t Think So, Tim.

14 Jul

While I’ve been off work for the Summer, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to watch more television. We don’t have cable or satellite at my house, but my mother-in-law does, and so does my brother. With the increased visits, I’ve watched far more fix-my-house-so-it-will-sell shows than should be allowed by law. These shows do a couple of things. First, they remind me exactly how lazy and poor I am. If I had more money and/or ambition, I could probably use many of their techniques to improve the quality of my living space (That’s a fancy t.v. word for “house”). The second thing these shows do is make me wonder. How do the people on these shows move out of those houses after they make all those improvements? I can’t help but think that if they made those kinds of investments earlier, they would have found more reason to stay where they were. At the very least, they could have gotten more value out of their home by enjoying it for awhile. As it stands, they pump a few thousand dollars into the house, breathing new life into it and adding some money to the fetching price of the abode. If, say, they made that same $2000 investment in the house and lived in it for a year, the cost of that improvement would be spread out over the 365 days, and the house would still command the higher price. Those people are practically throwing away their money! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to learning how simple it is to put down laminate flooring in my living room.


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2 responses to “I Don’t Think So, Tim.

  1. Magik Quilter

    July 14, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    I know what you mean and have often noticed also how these kind of shows often portray average homes as being the huge homes that most people overseas would call mansions! The British versions of these shows seem more realistic. Although the shows that really get to me are the ones “let us help you move to the country” the people involved often seem to have no intention of moving….the shows should ask for a deposit of money the way auction houses do….so they do not waste the producers and the viewers time. Although why would anyone buy anything that someone else has found for them when it is such a huge investment and they have only three choices?

    I am with you on the improvements though…does not make sense and also who wants decor that looks like it is to be found in a hotel…that seems to be what they are aiming for…..if that is truly the case then we are going to have some serious behavioural problems in people who grew up in these oh so carefully staged houses in thirty years….they may have hotel phobia after growing up in one and won’t be able to go away on business and that will impact the economy and they will have to rethink the decor to save the economy. Ridiculous? Almost as ridiculous as some of these shows!

  2. Keith

    July 23, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn’t want to move out after all of the hard work is done.


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