Are You Serious?

16 Jul

There is no denying that we live in troublesome times. The world is in upheavel. Tensions are rising as the nations of this great earth cope with war, economic hardship and energy shortages. Diplomatic relations are strained daily over human rights issues and consumers are frustrated by quality control shortcomings, all while children are striving to avoid starvation in our poorest corners. It is in dark times like these that we, as humans, are forced to make a decision. We must learn to face our collective hardships in the only way that reasonable free-thinking adults can; by escaping in mindless, cartoony humour. Yes, that’s right, the world needs to turn to it’s brightest shining star of nonsense–Yahoo Serious, your public needs you now, more than ever!

Breaking onto the entertainment radar with the comedy classic, “Young Einstein”, Mr. Serious taught us that it was okay to reinvent history for the sake of laughter by making Albert Einstein hail from Australia rather than Austria and by demonstrating that one can split a beer atom and live to tell the tale. In “Reckless Kelly”, the colossally coifed comedian turned the superhero/outlaw folkĀ hero concept on it’s ear, years before the likes of “Superhero Movie” and “Hancock.” Later, he pushed the boundaries between cartoon and reality even further in the often overlooked “Mr. Accident.”

Yahoo Serious has a way of making movies that are harmlessly unoffensive and fun for all ages. He likes to work in subtle humour that can be appreciated by educated adults and still he loads his works with the in-your-face cartoon style slapstick that children can watch and laugh themselves silly. He’s not afraid to laugh at himself and make himself out to be the buffoon, but he also knows when to pull back and keep the jokes from being too demeaning, and preserving the idea that men are capable of intelligence once in awhile. So often, in comedies, men are painted as senseless children who never grow and learn–never changing or adapting; Somehow, Yahoo maintains a childlike innocence, while shedding his naivity. We would all do well to follow this man’s example.

Sadly, Yahoo has been out of the limelight for quite some time. The last thing I remember hearing about him was something to do with a legal battle with a certain search engine company that will remain nameless. It’s really a shame, because the tide is right for his brand of humour. The world needs you, Yahoo Serious. Yes, I’m serious.


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