Review:St. Charles Shave Mediterranean Citrus Splash

24 Jul

Reviewing a free thing can be tricky. It’s easy to invent great value in something that cost you nothing and has few redeemable qualities; That’s why I’ve waited so long to review this great product, wanting to ensure that I gave it a fair shake. Several months ago, I was the fortunate winner of an e-mail contest hosted by Sue from Saint Charles Shave. For being the 10th respondent, I was gifted with a free 4oz. bottle of Mediterranean Citrus Aftershave Splash.

The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was that the bottle was honest to goodness glass. Over the years, some of the more notable brands of aftershave have ditched the glass bottle paradigm, opting to ignore the sensuous sensibilities of their customers to drive cost down, along with the perceived value of their product (I’m looking at you Old Spice). It’s great to see that Sue has paid attention to her customers and given them something they can appreciate on many levels. The heavy glass bottle is a simple rectangle with beveled edges, and feels chunky–comforting qualities when one is handling glass with wet hands. The label is a simple clear decal with the name of the product along with the quantity. It’s subtle packaging, and that’s exactly what I want in my aftershave–well, either that, or something over-the-top unique that really serves as an eye-catcher.

I really like the smell of Mediterranean Citrus. I’m not sure what citrus fruits grow in the Mediterranean, but it’s groves must smell really nice. The first note that really hit me was a sort of mango or maybe passion-fruit. It has a sort of floral smell to it too… like maybe the blossoms from the fruit trees. It had a very light hint of menthol. The scent is quite “cool” and is reminiscent of a lighter Aqua Velva plus a bit of orange Pez(tm).

Being a fan of the high-alcohol content, glycerine-free, Pinaud after-shaves, I was surprised by the slick/sticky/almost-but-not-quite-thick nature of the lightly golden splash. Having read other reviews, I knew not to use too much– which is very possible if you’re used to using the thinner aftershaves on the market.

This aftershave performs spectacularly. It has just enough menthol to provide that cooling sensation that so many Aqua Velva fans crave with a slightly less overpowering blast of fruit scent. It goes on smooth and provides a nice moisturizing finish to your shave.

I keep comparing Mediterranean Citrus to Aqua Velva for a reason. I get the sense that Sue was striving to make something similar, but not exactly like the Menthol Awesomesauce, pulling out those elements that make Aqua Velva a great product and adding those things that make it an even greater product.

So there you have it, Saint Charles Shave’s Mediterranean Citrus is an excellent aftershave splash, and well worth giving a try.


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