A Life in the Night of Alex Mauldin

10 Aug

Another Segment in the adventures of Alex Mauldin…

Alex stepped away from the bed, walking on the balls of his feet. That was a habit he’d developed while growing up in a pier-and-beam house. He had always felt a need to move as quietly as possible at night, even in his own home. He trod down the hallway and fumbled in the darkness for the lightswitch; for some reason beyond the reach of human insight and imagination, the switch had been mounted exactly three and one-third inches lower than every other switch in the house. Alex knew this because five nights ago he measured it in an attempt to lure the sandman. In fact, he measured it twice–with two different tapes. He couldn’t decide who was more twisted, the sadist who wired the place, or himself for obsessing so. Finding the switch, he swept his hand down, then back up, cussing quietly to himself for forgetting it had been wired upside down.

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