A Life in the Night of Alex Mauldin

17 Aug

Another episode in the continuing saga…

The haggard face in the mirror stared back at Alex with a distant, weary glare. Alex slowly traced his reflection with his eyes. Little islands of shiny, pink flesh peaked through dishevelled mop on his head. The shore line of hair was slowly being pushed back by the furrows of Alex’s brow–high tide was definitely near. The thick, course hair of Alex’s eyebrows had never really matched his light mane. Alex followed his eyebrows down the ridge of his nose, slowly tracing the side of the hereditary lump in the middle. He had once despised the largess of his olfactory appendage, but had since come to terms with its uniqueness, even valuing it as a badge of honor. “The nose is the knot that ties the face together,” he told himself frequently. Next, was his mouth. Fullish lips lightly parted, revealing a hint of slightly crooked teeth underneath. At either end of his lips, Alex had three small vertical creases. He could never decide if they were from smiling, or frowning, but he knew they made him look old for his age. Below his lips was–well–his neck, really. Alex never felt that he had a chin worth speaking of. Certainly he had a chin, it just never seemed worth mentioning. He squinted to see where his jaw line should have been, had he been more masculinely featured, before giving up and examining his cheeks. The large pores covered the feverish skin which paradoxically seemed both dry and shiny simultaneously. Leaning at 45 degree angles, Alex had two definite lines pointing from his jowls to the flared nostrils of his nose. All of this set the stage for his final feature–the eyes.

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