My Fanfic Moment Chapter 8

01 Sep

Here’s another chapter in the adventures of Remo Williams.  The usual warnings about violence and language apply.

Chapter 8

Remo leaned on the “1” button on the payphone outside the studio. He wasn’t happy and he was running out of paparazzi. Word had gotten out about the “Crazy Camera Killer” and the photogs had finally wisened up and started avoiding the area. Remo needed a new target and he needed it now.

Back at Folcroft Sanitarium, Harold W. Smith eyed his desk anxiously. He knew who was on the other end, and he suspected what they wanted. Remo had called him 3 times a day for the last week, pleading for a reassignment. Smith knew that things had been pretty tense for Remo lately, and that he was growing restless. The aging man was glad that there was so much distance between him and the fuming assasin, but he knew that eventually, the dam would break. Keeping the peace between Remo and Chiun had been like trying to coordinate two three-year-olds lately, and Smith, barely experienced with children, wasn’t sure how to handle it. Normally, he would just let the two work out their issues, but this time, the tension between them was threatening to interfere with their assignment, which was otherwise going fine.

It was going fine, except for having to explain what was happening to all the freelance photographers in the Burbank area. Many things could be said about Harold W. Smith. He could be described by many positive words. At various points in his career, he had been referred to as “brilliant, talented, intelligent, reliable, highly organized, dedicated,” and “loyal.” One word that had never been used to describe the grey man, however, was “imaginative.”

There they were, two problems that needed creative solutions, and here was Smith, the least creative man in the country. It was his task to solve those problems, and to keep things quiet. This was not going to be a pleasurable phone call. He dropped two antacids into his glass of water, swallowed hard, and pressed the glowing red light on his desk.

“Hello, Remo. What can I do for you?”

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