A Life in the Night of Alex Mauldin

07 Sep

What’s our intrepid hero up to now?  Let’s see…

Alex backed away from the chomode and turned toward the sink. As he ran water over his hands, he caught a sidelong glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror haning on the linen closet door. He turned to face himself fully, for had never liked his profile. Eyeing his slender frame, he reached for the pajama pants lying half-heartedly on top of the hamper. Alex stepped out of the houseshoes and pulled the pajamas up to his waist. Fiddling for the drawstring, he made the astonishing discovery that he was, in fact, backwards. He removed the pants, reoriented them, and then climbed back in. Satisfied that all his bits were where they should be, he placed his feet back in their corduroy sheaths. It wasn’t that Alex was uncomfortable being naked–actually, he quite preffered the clothesless state. No, he just felt out of place standing around nude in his slippers.

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