My Fanfic Moment Chapter 11

07 Oct

Well, here it is, chapter 11, and I’m still not bankrupt on ideas for Remo and Chiun.  (groan, did I really just use that pun?)  There might be violence and/or offensive language after the “more”

Chapter 11

Remo watched as Chiun settled into a gaze, staring intently at the stage. Something was wrong, but Remo couldn’t figure out what it was. The last time he saw Chiun look like that, the coffers at the castle were 2 bars short. On that particular occasion, Chiun had sensed it from the moment he stepped into the village, noticing that the castle looked “a little lower on one side.”

Remo followed Chiun’s eyes and noticed a shadowed figure just off stage left. It was a man, about Remo’s height. He was about Remo’s build, too, thin and athletic.

Remo slid across the gangway, silently making his way above the set to get a closer look at who this visitor was. Chiun had insisted that this be a closed set, and so no unauthorized personnel should have been allowed into the area.

“Maybe, if I get there before Chiun,” thought Remo, “this guy can keep his life.”

As Remo got closer, he recognized the man below. It was Killroy Hamm. What was he doing here? He must have pulled some strings to be granted access, but Chiun still wouldn’t approve.

Remo shot a glance toward the director’s chair, expecting to see an angry Korean, but it was empty. Before he could turn his head back to the figure below, he heard Chiun greeting the actor.

“You honor me with your presence!” Cooed Chiun.

Remo nearly fell from the railing. If this kept up, he might have to take up drinking coffee again, just to settle his nerves.

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