A Life in the Night of Alex Mauldin

12 Oct

Let’s tune in as Alex ventures boldy into the night…

Alex tread across the small lawn, approaching the road, listening intently to the night. This insomnia had been a devillish beast, indeed. For the last few nights, he had taken a short walk around the block, learning the nighttime personalities of all his neighbors’ houses.

To his left lived the Sanders family. The dingy, peeling paint of the house took on an almost mysterious quality in the pale light of the moon. They had a fan in the window of the second floor bedroom. The fan had a loose flap on one side that tick-tick-thacked it’s way through the night, keeping the Sanders’ youngest child cool and safe from the creaks of the settling old abode.

Just around the corner lived the aging Milton couple. Since their children moved out west some twenty years ago, they began filling the lonely hours by filling their lawn with bric-a-brac and delightfuly tacky sculpture. Alex had grown quite fond of the terribly inapropriate “sleeping man in a sombrero” but the lawn jockey still made him a little uncomfortable.

On the next corner was the Venton family. Mr. Venton worked odd hours, so there was always a glow from the tv showing through the living room window. If Alex listened closely enough, he could almost make out the voice of the Baron demanding “more spice!” The four window-mounted air conditioners hummed in unison, keeping a rhythm all their own.

The next corner led right back to Alex’s house…

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