How I’m Voting.

13 Oct

I, like many other Americans, cannot say that I’m overly fond of the choices I have for president.  It’s been argued that voting for a third party is futile, but I believe I’ve found the ticket that best supports my views, and with their combined power, I see no reason they couldn’t take this election by storm(trooper)!

All kidding aside, this November, please, go vote.  No vote, even for a third party, is a wasted vote.  The election process, flaws and all, is really the main way we have of changing the system.  Just because you think a candidate “doesn’t stand a chance” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for him/her anyway.  If everyone took the time to learn more about all the candidates, then perhaps “your guy” could very well win.

Remember too that the “abstain” vote is as old as the “Yea” and the “Nay” votes.  Sometimes silence speaks louder than shouting.  Just don’t listen to what everyone else is doing.  Inform yourself.  We live in the information age and there is no reason you can’t find out where all the candidates stand.  Vote your conscience.


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One response to “How I’m Voting.

  1. LOUDelf

    November 4, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    I was talking about some of these same issues in my own blog ( I fully agree on your point with third parties. As a fully independent voter, I’ve voted my issues, and not party. This has caused me to vote Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Reform, and Constitution Party candidates in the last few elections. My hope is that by gaining enough votes, third parties can force the larger two to focus on, as you say, solutions to the issues we face.


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