My Fanfic Moment Chapter 15

11 Nov

Well, this is possibly my shortest chapter yet, but hopefully you’ll find it fun.

Warning, mature themes ahead… Chapter 15

“Don’t queer it up, like you’ve been doing the rest of this crap-hole of a movie,” hissed Di.

“Queer it up?” balked Vinnie. Her eyes were twinkling, and he hadn’t seen her like this since before they married. He looked down at the towel around his thinning waist, and realized he still had twenty minutes before shooting began.

Di sat buttoning the maid’s uniform, pulling it closed over her boyish chest, when she felt her chair whisk out from under her. She was ready to scold Vinnie, when she realized that it was she who had been moved.

“Feeling frisky?” winked the man holding her aloft on his shoulder.

“You’re a fool,” shamed Di.

“But, I’m your fool,” grinned Vinnie.

“Put me down, you fat idiot,” growled Di.

“Glady,” laughed Vinnie, depositing her on the bed,”I just love a woman in uniform.”


“Esperanza, where ees that noise coming from?” asked Julio.

“Eet es from de trailer next door.”

“Ees someone dying?”

“No, ees probably from those bad burritos jew haf been selling!

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