My Fanfic Moment Chapter 16

09 Dec

I realize it’s been a while, but here it is, in all it’s intriguing glory Chapter 16!

Chapter 16

Harold W. Smith sat at the dining room table, slackjawed and bewildered.

“Seriously, Harold, you act like you’ve never seen a person organize her files,” said his beloved wife.

“It’s just–just–so–,” stammered Smith, “I don’t have words–”

As was her annual custom, Irma had gotten up early and pulled out all of her recipe cards and spread them out on the dining room table. She was “re-organizing.” Every year, she would add anywhere between 15 and 30 new recipes to her arsenal, and they had to be folded into the mix. It wasn’t a matter of simply sliding them in at the back of the box, or adding them by alphabetical order, no, it was a much more sophisticated system.

“You see, Harold,” she said, holding a card that read Blueberry Chicken Broule’ “the stack must be taken as a whole.”

“I see.”

“Every woman’s recipe collection–not that I’d expect you to undertand–has its own gestalt, and the addition of even one recipe can completely upset the balance of the entire catalogue.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, Harold,” she said, placing the card she held on top of one that read Coconut Cream Corn with Pork Hash.

“You wouldn’t want me messing up some of your favorite foods because I couldn’t find the recipe, now would you?”

“Indeed, I would not,” sighed Harold, fondling the antacid tablet in his pocket.


“Look Smitty, as soon as something happens, I’ll call you, I promise. Chiun’s supposed to be shooting the final scene this afternoon,” coughed Remo.

“Remo, I don’t think I’ve heard you cough in over twenty years, is something wrong?” implored director of Cure.

“No, it’s just the smell from the food cart, I don’t know why Je–uh–people insist on eating that trash.”


“No one,” snapped Remo, “now, what was this about the servers?”

“I added some new algorithms to the filters and there appears to be some sort of pattern emerging. It’s probably nothing, but it seems like there’s been something lurking under the surface for quite some time.”

“So what’s this got to do with me, Smitty?”

“Well, Remo, the patterns that are emerging all seem to be just six steps removed from the production Chiun is currently working on.”

“Wait, are you telling me that Chiun is actually showng up on the Four?”

“Not exactly, Remo, but the events that are showing up are only removed from Master Chiun by five steps.”


“It’s simple Remo, Chiun is working on a production starring Vinnie Dorito. Vinnie Dorito’s last movie was directed by Allen Oakstein, who always uses the same crew for all his New York based productions–”

“So?” interrupted Remo.

“So,” insisted Harold, “the best boy on that film was a man named Lewis Rhiner. Rhiner worked on a movie called ‘Under the Dome of Lightning’ which starred singing sensation Tanya Toner. Tanya recently sat in on a Q&A panel at a sci-fi fan convention alongside none other than Ashley Grambell, who as you know, went missing on the final day of filming his last movie.”

“That sounds like a drinking game,” mumbled Remo, “So, where do we go from here?”

“I don’t know Remo. Those are shaky connections, I realize, but there are more popping up constantly on my computers. It may be just be a side-effect of the unorthodox formulea I added, or it could be something,” admitted the grey man.

“So what am I supposed to do?”

“Just be vigilant, Remo, I’ve got an uneasy feeling about all this.”

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