Christmas Letter to

17 Dec

Dear Excite/Bluetie Executives,

Please, all I want for Christmas is my old excite mail back. Please, please, please offer us a “lite” version that more closely resembles the old system. This new ajax based version is horrendous. All I want is a simple mail system that loads quickly and efficiently on dial-up. I don’t want, nor do I need an online calendar, PIM or other features. I just want a simple mail client. The old mail client worked. It worked very well. Please, give it back. This attrocity has been carried out long enough. It is clear that you didn’t take the needs of your users into consideration when you made the “upgrade.” Many of us have already made the switch away from and have started using other mail solutions, and I assure you, none of us are suggesting your service as it stands now, in fact, many of us are actively discouraging others from using excite mail.

Please, all I want for Christmas is my old e-mail system.


A dissatisfied (former) customer.

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One response to “Christmas Letter to

  1. Mary G.

    December 21, 2008 at 2:38 am

    Thank you! I tried getting into my Excite e-mail today and could not. I am signed into the Excite homepage, and as recently as three days ago, it would lead me into my e-mail account upon clicking the e-mail link. This evening, it leads me to a Blue Tie sign-in page. And it would not let me on. I know my address and password, but no dice. It asked me for a “password hint,” which included asking for my mother’s maien name. No way in heck would I give that information up, since that’s the safety question on many banking and credit-related records. I felt like I was being phished. I also don’t recall giving that information to Excite when I signed up for the original e-mail account (don’t think I would have signed up if they asked me for my mother’s maiden name). I was not happy with the slow loading of the new format, now they’re seeming to block me out of my account and asking phishing-type questions. What is going on with Excite e-mail? Thanks for your blog entry, it was one of the first things I found when I Googled “Excite email Blue Tie” in an attempt to find out what the heck is going on.


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