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The Adventures of Dandy Dog!

It all started when user Crabmeat posted a picture on :

In his kindness, he also offered a link to the original with a request to see what we, the reddit community could do with it:

User Bezzer made some much needed improvements, adding a touch of realism and old-world classiness to the photo:

But the users still felt something just wasn’t quite right… It needed to be sepia, it needed some touch-up work around the paws, the background wasn’t quite right, and that wine really needs to be sloshing as the dog is, after all, jumping. ┬áThus:

Behold! Dandy Dog!

Meanwhile, at the, my friend Jim suggested some subtle changes:

Aaaarr, ye' scurvy dog!

Doesn’t that dog have panache?

He certainly does.

Then, after looking more closely at the original image, I noticed a striking resemblance to a certain Jedi master…

Here he is conducting the Boston Pops:

Woodwinds, pick up the pace, or I'm coming over there!

He had a short run in the movie industry:

You talkin' to me?

Then there was that time he took a walk on the dark side:

That is indeed, one Dandy Dog!


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You Should See His Shaving Brush!



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