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The Joy of Painting Bob Ross

I watch my website stats pretty closely, and it occurs to me that my most popular post is a Mother’s Day post from a couple of years ago in which I posted a typical picture of Bob Ross sitting at his canvas.  This picture brings in about 80% of all the traffic to this blog.  Bob is apparently a quite popular fellow.  So in the interest of shamelessly fishing for more blog traffic, I’ve decided to have some fun with Bob and offer some variations on a theme.  I hope you enjoy.

Bob Ross

The Original Bob Ross

Bob Ross cartoon

Cartoon Bob Ross

Bob Ross painting by the numbers

So that was the true secret of Bob Ross's success!

Bald Bob Ross

Who loves ya, baby?! Bob Ross, that's who!

Bob Ross painting Pocahontas

Little known fact: Bob Ross had a thing for historical Native American figures.

Bob Ross with an even bigger afro.

I'll never forget the time that Bob Ross shampooed with Rogaine.

Bob Ross with a "trendy" haircut

Then there was the time Bob Ross listened to network exec suggestions.

Bob Ross with birthday cake

I'll never forget the time Bob Ross wished me a happy birthday.

Bob Ross with growing afro

This is how I imagine Bob Ross looks to stoners.

Bob Ross "Rick Roll"

What's a nonsense post about Bob Ross without a little "Rickroll" thrown in?

I hope you have enjoyed this Bob Ross tribute as much as I enjoyed making it.  Please, feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite Bob Ross memory.  I’d love to hear what Bob Ross meant to you.


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#10 Australia

Australia Movie Poster

The first thing that strikes you about this movie is the unique visual style. While it has an interesting “feel,” occasionally the visual elements border on distracting, making the picture seem a little plastic. It’s not really something I can put my finger on, but there is definitely something slightly off where it needn’t be.

As for the story, it’s interesting to see WWII from an angle that isn’t often represented in American cinema. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman do a fine job as the romantic leads in this epic love story about an English woman who heads to Australia only to find herself challenged by impossible odds, taking on a corrupt cattle baron. The movie deals heavily with racial tensions in the outback, and serves as a reminder that civil rights struggles are more universal than anyone cares to admit.  The story is, admittedly, a little slow to start, and a little hesitant to finish, but it does manage to strike a few chords in the telling.  All in all, a pretty good watch.

It really feels like it could have been more successful as a two part mini-series rather than a full length motion picture.

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The Lords of Dogtown

#9 The Lords of Dogtown

If you’ve never been moved to tears while watching a bunch of smart-aleck punks on skateboards tear up a swimming pool, chances are you haven’t seen The Lords of Dogtown. This movie, inspired by true events, tells of the meteoric rise of the sport of skateboarding as we now know it. It follows the adventures of a gang of kids in the early seventies known as the z-boys, and shows how they road the cusp of the skating revolution. Though on the surface it’s a skating movie, the movie really tells the story of a family. The late Heath Ledger is almost unrecognizable as a Jake Busey-esque surfshop owner turned reluctant skating mogul.

Fans of pro skating will be delighted by the numerous cameos of famous skaters, including some of the Z-boys themselves.

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I’m With FergFerg!

Now that Conan/Nothing But CrapNBC have reached a deal, I’ve got some news:

I was watching Craig Ferguson last night and he was cracking all kinds of wise about the whole Conan/NBC thing, and he was right on the money. The thing is, I think NBC did Conan wrong, and I hope it bites them in the butt, but like Craig said, “Why are we still talking about this!?!” While the whole thing does fascinate me, he’s kind of right. It occurs to me, that my favorite late night host is still Craig Ferguson, and his show is really where I usually land if I’m going to watch late night talk shows. I enjoy his brand of humor, so I’m announcing a new allegiance! Spread the word and encourage your friends to do the same!

Please, feel free to use and share this image on your blog, facebook, or whatever site you feel fitting.

A little linkback might be nice, but it’s not necessary.

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The World According to Garp

#8 The World According to Garp

From the moment you find out the outragous story of Garp’s conception, you know this movie is going to be something different. T.S. Garp, played by Robin Williams, leads an interesting life, accented by extraordinary events. Using larger than life moments, this story shows us a side of reality that is oddly fitting of life. For all its quirks and unbelievable circumstances, this movie comes across with a believability that is hard to decribe. I’ve often found that Robin Williams, while hilarious, is much more compelling when he does drama. This film is proof of that. Whle the movie has plenty of humorous, though dark, moments, it is also loaded with drama, not unlike life. If weird, quirky stories that make you think aren’t your thing, I’d recommend shying away from this one. However, if you want a film that challenges you to laugh at things you shouldn’t, then give it a watch!

Of special note is John Lithgow’s phenomenal performance in a role that makes you forget that he ever played the wacky alien dad on “Third Rock.”

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