2001 A Space Odyssey

05 Jan

#1 2001 A Space Odyssey

This hallmark of hard science fiction set the bar high for any space dramas that followed. Arthur C. Clarke’s space opera has been parodied, copied, stolen from, and admired since the book was filmed. Not everyone will enjoy Stanley Kubrick’s high-concept opening depicting alien influence on the development of mankind.  Some may not understand the trippy, confusing ending, but the visuals are stunning. I highly recommend watching the movie and then reading the book.  The book, which was written mostly simultaneously to the screenplay, really goes a long way toward filling in some of the questions the film leaves open.  I find that the movie also helps to give a visual reference to some of the harder to follow sequences in the book.  It really helps to have faces to put to some of Clarke’s characters.  One downside of this film is that it gave us the overused idea that in the future, all video screens will project their image onto your face in what must be an entirely annoying fashion.

Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL.

This movie needs multiple watchings to be fully appreciated.

And a little something for all the Pink Floyd/2001 conspiracy theorists out there:

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One response to “2001 A Space Odyssey

  1. Michael Rivers

    January 7, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I’ve never seen this. I always hear such mixed things. Maybe one day I will see what it’s all about!


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