09 Jan

#2 Contact

Next up in the 200 movie challenge is another sci-fi movie based on a book. Jodi Foster and Matthew McConaughey round out the cast in this philosophical look at the nature of the universe we think we understand. The movie is different enough from the book to almost stand alone. When the movie hit theaters, it was steeped in controversy because of its liberal use of doctored news footage of then president, Clinton. Like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Contact opens with an amazing, high concept scene. Also like the Kubrick classic, there is a climactic scene where our intrepid hero takes a psychedelic trip through a wormhole. The visuals in this movie were astounding when it was new, and still hold up rather well today. Some of the camera tricks used in this movie still carry a large gee-whiz factor, even if a few of the composite scenes are more noticeable to our more sophisticated modern eye . As for the narrative, the film rather heavily deals with the topic of the conflict between religion and science. This movie wasn’t generally received well during its day, but when you’re feeling introspective, it can’t be beat for stirring up your emotions, and stoking the fires of contemplation.

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