The World According to Garp

20 Jan

#8 The World According to Garp

From the moment you find out the outragous story of Garp’s conception, you know this movie is going to be something different. T.S. Garp, played by Robin Williams, leads an interesting life, accented by extraordinary events. Using larger than life moments, this story shows us a side of reality that is oddly fitting of life. For all its quirks and unbelievable circumstances, this movie comes across with a believability that is hard to decribe. I’ve often found that Robin Williams, while hilarious, is much more compelling when he does drama. This film is proof of that. Whle the movie has plenty of humorous, though dark, moments, it is also loaded with drama, not unlike life. If weird, quirky stories that make you think aren’t your thing, I’d recommend shying away from this one. However, if you want a film that challenges you to laugh at things you shouldn’t, then give it a watch!

Of special note is John Lithgow’s phenomenal performance in a role that makes you forget that he ever played the wacky alien dad on “Third Rock.”

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