The Lords of Dogtown

21 Jan

#9 The Lords of Dogtown

If you’ve never been moved to tears while watching a bunch of smart-aleck punks on skateboards tear up a swimming pool, chances are you haven’t seen The Lords of Dogtown. This movie, inspired by true events, tells of the meteoric rise of the sport of skateboarding as we now know it. It follows the adventures of a gang of kids in the early seventies known as the z-boys, and shows how they road the cusp of the skating revolution. Though on the surface it’s a skating movie, the movie really tells the story of a family. The late Heath Ledger is almost unrecognizable as a Jake Busey-esque surfshop owner turned reluctant skating mogul.

Fans of pro skating will be delighted by the numerous cameos of famous skaters, including some of the Z-boys themselves.

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