27 Feb

#14 Igor

Igor movie poster

Let me get this straight… John Cusack plays a dopey-looking guy who tries to convince everyone he’s got a bad-guy streak in him but he turns out to be loveable. Jay Leno is a jerk who walks all over the public in general, convincing them all that he’s pretty swell–and he is in this movie, too. Steve Buscemi plays an immortal rabbit with suicidal tendencies. That’s really all you need to know about this movie. That’s right. Steve Buscemi plays an immortal rabbit with suicidal tendencies.

Igor--Scamper reads Hunter S. Thompson

It’s a shame that some of the bigger budget animated movies get so much attention while little gems like this one slip under the radar. Is Igor predictable? From the first 3 minutes. Is it fun? Absolutely.  Does the Louis Prima laced soundtrack rock the house?  You know it!  The thing that struck me most about the movie, though, is that it was just so “clean.” A lot of times, Hollywood thinks they have to include several jokes aimed at adults in kid’s movies just to keep us interested. While there might be one or maybe two little side comments that sneak into this movie, by and large I found it to be quite kid-friendly. The only things that I found about the film that might give pause for some were the fact that one of the characters is constantly trying to kill himself, and at one point dismembers his body as a key plot point. There is also a parody of a famous poster with a cute little kitty cat hanging by a noose. Don’t let the dark imagery dissuade you from seeing this movie though, it really does have a good message for kids, and it’s entertaining throughout.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Steve Buscemi plays an immortal rabbit with suicidal tendencies?

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