Gosford Park

27 May

#24 Gosford Park

Gosford Park Movie Poster

“Okay everybody, today we’re going to be making a…oh, excuse me, we’re going to be making a movie about a… pardon me, could you bring me a cup of coffee?  That’d be great…No thanks, I take it black.  Today we’re going to be making a movie about a murder.  It’s sort of like…oh, thank you, mmmm… just right… you know, what, could you be a dear and get me a cube of sugar after all, this is a little strong…The movie is sort of like another film you  might remember called…oh, thanks, that’s just right.  One more thing, do you think maybe you could bring me a donut–no sprinkles.  Thanks…Another film called “Clue.”  Everyone is a suspect, there’s this whole interplay between–wait, I clearly said, ‘no sprinkles’ now get it right or you’re fired–I swear you can’t get good help these days–interplay between the servants and the rich.  There’s this whole dynamic–much better, thanks…mmm, this is good, could you fetch me a napkin?–There’s this whole dynamic going on, where the lines between staff and employer are just starting to be tested.  Everyone will…hang on, let me just finish this donut…

Screenshot from Gosford Park

everyone will be talking over each other, and there will be at least one scene set at a dinner table… could we bring those lights down?  I want it kind of dark—darker—okay that’s good.  We’ll be focusing on the conversations of the staff and showing how it **really** was–darker…that’s good!  Now, get the costume designer in here, these clothes are far too vibrant… I want drab, drab, drab.   Okay, great!  Alright, so the story is set in the English countryside at a large estate.  It’s an ensemble cast.  It’ll have that guy that was in those Christopher Guest movies, that old British woman that used to play Miss Marple, I think, and then there’s that old British actor who was in those Kenneth Brannagh movies.  Oh, and for fans of British comedy, Stephen Fry is in this, too.  Who’s that?  Oh, he was the voice of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy–nothing?  How about this, he played Jeeves in “Wooster and Jeeves.”  Still nothing, eh… how about this—He plays the funny British psychiatrist on “Bones.”  Yeah, that’s him!  Anyway, the end is–well, I don’t want to give it away, but suffice to say, it just sort of dwindles at the end and leaves you feeling vaguely unsatisfied.  It’ll be a great movie, or my name’s not Robert Altman!”


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2 responses to “Gosford Park

  1. anne marie in philly

    May 29, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    a velvet elvis!

    • gentlemanbeggar

      May 30, 2010 at 10:19 pm

      That’s how you know that not only are the owners of the manor rich, but they have impeccable taste in art, too!


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