My New Dedicated EReader Device

31 Aug

Just finished setting up my dedicated e-reader device. I’ve been working on it since 4:30. I finally got it working. Pic related: It’s my ereader

I set mobipocket reader up on my old palm and on my netbook. Now, I can just sync my public domain and creative commons books from the netbook to the palm, and I can carry my e-library with me! Added silkdimmer so that I can drop the screen brightness down to “squinty dark” so as to make the battery last just a little longer. It’s not an e-ink display. The battery doesn’t last for weeks at a time. The font is pretty tiny, and it doesn’t have near the “wow” factor of say a Kindle or a Nook, but it’s something to tide me over until I can afford one or some generous soul takes pity on me and gives me an ereader. I call it “Schmindle.”

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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One response to “My New Dedicated EReader Device

  1. RandomizeME

    September 10, 2010 at 4:51 am

    Just curious how much more you get out of the battery with silkdimmer installed? How much time do you get to read a book on your Palm before the battery runs down?

    I’ve got an old Palm around that I can lend to my niece, but the battery life is pitiful in mine.


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