Review: Caravan to Xanadu

21 Jan

Caravan to XanaduCaravan to Xanadu by Edison Marshall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this exciting look into the life of one of history’s most famous adventurer merchants. I realized, as I read this book, that I don’t really know much about his life, despite the fame of the name Marco Polo. The story begins with a young Marco Polo living in Venice, and awaiting word from his traveling father whom he’s never met. When his father returns with news of his visit to the great Kublai Khan, Marco’s adventure begins as do his plans to return to Xanadu with his unloving, cunning, and cruel father.

If even one third of the events described in this book are actually true, Marco Polo’s youth was an amazing experience. Marshall does a great job of describing the decadence and splendor of the Khan’s empire and his description of the romantic interludes between Marco and an enchanting slave girl are nothing short of touching and captivating.

Marshall does a great job of making you think this is written in the first person by Marco himself, almost inhabiting the thoughts and impressions of a young man seeing the world for the first time. This book is definitely one of the best $1 purchases I ever made on a whim, and it will find a permanent place on my shelves.

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