My Ping-Pong Filter for the G’mic Plugin

18 May

I decided to try my hand at creating a script for use in the G’mic Plugin for the Gimp. What I wanted was a filter that would take all the layers in an image, duplicate them, and reverse the order of the duplicates. When you set the filter output mode to “new image” or “in place” it simply reverses the order of the frames. When the output mode is set to “new layers” it appends the reversed frames to the end of the current frameset, resulting in a ping-pong effect. The script is incredibly simple, but it does the job elegantly. The G’mic plugin continues to amaze me daily. Here’s the script if you want to try it yourself. Just add the following code to your custom .gmic file:


#@gimp {Gentlemanbeggar’s filters}


#@gimp About : _none_, gimp_gb_about
#@gimp : note = note{”
#@gimp : ( Gentlemanbeggar´s Filter Set for G’MIC)\n\nis proposed to you by”}
#@gimp : note = note(“Gentlemanbeggar”)
#@gimp : note = note{“\n”}
#@gimp : sep = separator()
#@gimp : note = note{”
#@gimp : The source code of this filter is available at :”}
#@gimp : note = link(“”)
#@gimp : “}
#@gimp : sep = separator()
#@gimp : note = note{“\nThe filters in this folder are still under development and may be subject to changes. Some filters appearing here are also part of the main filter tree of G´MIC. If they appear here too it means there are changes and updates not yet implemented in the main filter tree.”}
gimp_gb_about :
-gimp_logo “GB”‘”s Filters”

#Gentlemanbeggar’s Ping Pong Filter

#@gimp Ping Pong : gimp_gb_pp, gimp_gb_pp_preview(1)
#@gimp : note = note{“\nUsage Notes: Set Output mode to ‘New image’ or ‘in place’ to simply reverse the frames in this image. Set mode to ‘New layers’ to add the reversing effect to your current image.”}
gimp_gb_pp :

#*************END OF FILTER****************

#@gimp _

Here’s some examples:

The original image counting 1 to 3

Counting 3 to 1


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