Modern Cinema FX

21 Jan

Modern Cinema FX, originally uploaded by gentlemanbeggar.

Via Flickr:
I am pleased to introduce my new filter, Modern Cinema FX.

Like the simplistic, one-click filter, 60’s Cinema FX, the new Modern Cinema FX creates a new layer that is meant to be used as an adjustment layer. I suggest using the "Hard Light" blend mode for best effect, and the filters look best on well lit scenes.

The first setting, Blockbuster, is meant to emulate generic action films with a strong bias toward Hollywood’s favorite colours, blue and orange.

The second setting, Feel the Heat, is supposed to give the look of a picture set in the Middle East.

Cyberpunk-o-rama is supposed to give things that artificial green cast that computer related action films are known for.

Procedural Police Drama is more of a nod at TV crime scene investigation shows and their overuse of blue-ish lighting.

The filters aren’t sophisticated, but hopefully some will find use in them. You should just be able to update your filter and the new settings will appear under the "Gentlemanbeggar’s filters" section.

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