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A New Toy!

Brother Deluxe 750TR


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My First Typecast


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Get Your MOJO, Today!

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ MOJO hits stores today!  Later this month, the LP version will be available for purchase, for those of you who still enjoy vinyl.

Enjoy this short documentary about their bluesiest album yet:

And here’s a few videos of tracks from the new album:

I can hardly wait until payday!

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Dickies Does it Right!

While some companies don’t exactly take care of their customers, others know how to court their patrons.  Though it shouldn’t be, it’s impressive when a company actually does something as simple as providing customer service, in a time when customer care is outsourced to foreign outlets, and every interaction with the company is reduced to a series of voice-menu options and automated e-mail responses.

More than a few years ago, I bought a pair of Dickies brand bib-overalls for wearing while working around the house.  For years, they have fit the bill nicely, holding up under all sorts of extreme conditions while I did everything from building a pallet shed to threshing out a maze in the high weeds in the hot North-East Texas humidity.  I’ve been very proud of these overalls, and they are always a go-to part of my working wardrobe.  That’s why I was crestfallen to discover that part of the overalls did not survive a recent ride in the laundry.  The little buckle that holds the strap together seemingly disintegrated in the dryer.  Crushed, I fired off an e-mail to Dickies, letting them know of my dismay, and asking where I might obtain replacement parts.  Not wanting to wear them with only one strap, I told customer support that I felt my overalls still had a few years of service left in them, and that I was interested in doing a little repair work, if they would only point me in the direction of the needed parts and an order form.

Fast forward a few weeks.

Not having heard anything from Dickies in 3 weeks, I assumed that I was just another faceless, forgotten fish in a sea of meaningless customers, just like so many other corporations make me and countless others feel.

Then I checked the mail.

In the mail, I found a plain package with “Williamson Dickie” on the return address.   Inside was a fistful of buckles and matching latches for my overalls!  I’ve got to hand it to Dickies for taking care of me by providing me with enough replacement parts to last a lifetime.  So, I’d like to take a moment to send a little love to Dickies.  I will definitely continue to give Dickies my support with my buying dollar, and I will be sure to share my feelings on the quality of their products with my friends and family.

Buy Dickies.


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Picking Knits


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Amy Adams Defined

Just scanned this page from a dictionary.


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This is Not Your Father’s Shaving Advice Part 4

Everyone’s favorite Uncle is back with some more shaving tips. This still isn’t your father’s shaving advice.

1. Baby Bear’s bed was juuuuust right.
Often times, it can be difficult to get your lather to the right consistency, and thus your shave turns out miserable. The problem may not be your soap/cream, technique, or razor. Check your water. It could be that you have “hard” water. You needn’t run out and buy a water softening system (though Uncle Albert hears they are nice); you can simply add a little baking soda to your sink/tub. About a cup to a tub, or a few tablespoons to the sink. Just don’t slip in the tub!

2. Dick Tracy Villains Inquire Within.
Your face is like rubber. It bends, it stretches, and it snaps more or less back into place. This makes it hard to get a super close shave sometimes. You know that spot under your jawline that just sort of squishes around when you run your razor over it? Pull your skin tight, move that spot up over your jawline if necessary. You might try making an “O” with your mouth to get the skin on your cheeks to pull tight enough. Don’t be afraid of looking like Jim Carey, it’s just you and the mirror.

3. Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.
Sometimes, you just can’t pull your skin tight enough to get that weird spot on your neck. Try tucking your chin down toward your chest, and puffing out your jowls. This might make you look like a bullfrog, but it might help you get that tricky patch.

4. Let me bend your ear.
Head shaver? Getting that patch behind your ears is a delicate situation sometimes. Try folding the top of your ear down so you can get in nice and close, while protecting the soft fleshy part of the thing you hear with. If you’re shaving with a DE, don’t forget that the razor has a blade edge on both sides! Few things bleed like a sliced ear.

5. “Manscaping”
If you haven’t encountered a discussion on this concept yet, you will. It is, at best, an indelicate topic. Just remember a few key things. Pull your skin tight, be careful, leave some around the outer edges, and don’t follow up with a splash of Pinaud’s Bay Rum.

6. How’s it hangin’?
How do you store your shave brush? Some say bristles down is the only safe way, others say bristles up is a-okay. Uncle albert hasn’t noticed much difference, and the truth is, you likely won’t either. Everyone has their theories on why they store their brush in the manner of their choosing. Nobody’s right. Nobody’s wrong. Store it how you like.

7. Gee, Bert, You need to pluck!
Got a monobrow? Pluck it. I know there’s a temptation to shave that little area, but the irritation from the razor will be up-front and annoying. Man up, grab the tweezers, and yank out those hairs.

8. Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink!
Water is your friend when it comes to wetshaving. You want lots of moisture to help the razor glide over your skin. Water is also great for your skin. It’s the original moisturizer. Water is, however, bad for your blade. Be sure and shake your blade dry when you’ve finished rinsing it off. Rust is a nasty thing to have scraping on your skin.

9. A generation apart.
This is isn’t really shaving advice, but more like parenting advice (from your childless Uncle, no less). Let your kid see you shave (Unless of course, you’re experimenting with #5–Shaving lessons should not induce the need for therapy). He’ll be fascinated, and he’ll be super amused at the way you look like Jim Carey swallowed a bullfrog as you gurn at the mirror.

10. Pardon me, Ma’am.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that women shave too. More and more ladies have learned to love the DE experience. When you’re roaming around on the shaving forums, don’t forget that guys. Ladies, see the above advice. One day, your daughter will thank you for teaching her how to shave her legs.

So there it is folks. The fourth installment in Uncle Albert’s Amazing Shaving advice. Try not to scar your face, try not to scar your children, and enjoy your shave!


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