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My Computer Has A Bug!


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Happy Star Wars Day!

Dandy Dog with a geek holiday wish


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Mark my words–in eight months, you will remember this picture and this commercial:

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Dear Teenage Boys,

A word on personal hygiene:

That is all.


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Everybody Should Have a Theme Song

While checking out one of my favorite diy technology blogs, Make, I found a site featured there that I thought was pretty cool. let’s you input the url of any website, and based on the underlying code of that website, it builds a song.  It’s actually surprisingly good.  Though it seems to come out differently each time, gentlemanbeggar keeps sounding like some sort of cheesy 80’s sci-fi tv show;  I think that’s pretty darned cool.

So tune in on Tuesday nights at 8:00 for vectrix, starring Sam J. Jones as Dr. Rock Sexington, the crime fighting cyborg college professor who rides his computerized motorcycle around the countryside searching for his long lost father-turned-fugitive, Richard Von Sexington, played by the irascible Paul Dooley.

"vectrix" title screen

Click here for the Vectrix theme.


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