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Available for Kindle! A new Crag Banyon Mystery!

The latest book I did the cover art for is available for purchase on Kindle!

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Crag Banyon #2 is out!

Things got away from me and I forgot to announce to everyone that the newest Crag Banyon story by James Mullaney is available for purchase as a Kindle book. This is my 3rd book cover for Mr. Mullaney and it would mean a great deal to me if you would rush over to Amazon and buy your copy today!


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Review: One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery

One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery
One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery by James Mullaney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I might be a bit biased for this book because I painted the cover, but I found the book to be a great light hearted romp in fantasy. In the tradition of the Eddy Bear mysteries and the Dirk Gently mysteries, Mullaney turns the detective novel on its ear. The lovable but gruff detective, Crag Banyon has been framed for the murder of one of Santa’s little helpers, and it leads him on a journey through the seedier side of the North Pole.

Mullaney does a great job of breathing new life into familiar figures and breaking down your preconceived notions of the holidays. There’s a chase scene near the end that isn’t to be missed. If you enjoy detective stories mixed with a healthy dose of humor, you’ll likely find this to be a grand romp!

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