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For the 3d-glasses impaired.


Now In CREEP-O-VISION!, originally uploaded by gentlemanbeggar.

Playing around with a new 3d filter in g’mic. This is me, sitting in a hallway last Spring waiting out a tornado warning while the house was pounded with heavy winds. You’ll need blue/red 3d glasses to fully appreciate this.

Uploaded by gentlemanbeggar on 9 Mar 11, 10.09PM CST.

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Grammar Nazi

Attention Internet:

It’s = It is.

Thank you.


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Creepy Trees

It seems that a disproportionate amount of the traffic that comes to my blog is via google images.  Apparently, there are a lot of you out there seeking a quality picture of the Afroed wonder himself, Mr. “Happy Trees” Bob Ross.  With no real reason to back up my views, I suspect that a great many of the people looking for pictures of the curly coifed cancer victim are doing so while under the influence of “left handed” cigarettes.  So, it’s to these seekers, I dedicate this image (Be sure and click it to behold it’s true terror awesomeness!)

Be sure and click the image!Be sure and click the image!


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