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The Joy of Painting Bob Ross

I watch my website stats pretty closely, and it occurs to me that my most popular post is a Mother’s Day post from a couple of years ago in which I posted a typical picture of Bob Ross sitting at his canvas.  This picture brings in about 80% of all the traffic to this blog.  Bob is apparently a quite popular fellow.  So in the interest of shamelessly fishing for more blog traffic, I’ve decided to have some fun with Bob and offer some variations on a theme.  I hope you enjoy.

Bob Ross

The Original Bob Ross

Bob Ross cartoon

Cartoon Bob Ross

Bob Ross painting by the numbers

So that was the true secret of Bob Ross's success!

Bald Bob Ross

Who loves ya, baby?! Bob Ross, that's who!

Bob Ross painting Pocahontas

Little known fact: Bob Ross had a thing for historical Native American figures.

Bob Ross with an even bigger afro.

I'll never forget the time that Bob Ross shampooed with Rogaine.

Bob Ross with a "trendy" haircut

Then there was the time Bob Ross listened to network exec suggestions.

Bob Ross with birthday cake

I'll never forget the time Bob Ross wished me a happy birthday.

Bob Ross with growing afro

This is how I imagine Bob Ross looks to stoners.

Bob Ross "Rick Roll"

What's a nonsense post about Bob Ross without a little "Rickroll" thrown in?

I hope you have enjoyed this Bob Ross tribute as much as I enjoyed making it.  Please, feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite Bob Ross memory.  I’d love to hear what Bob Ross meant to you.


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Creepy Trees

It seems that a disproportionate amount of the traffic that comes to my blog is via google images.  Apparently, there are a lot of you out there seeking a quality picture of the Afroed wonder himself, Mr. “Happy Trees” Bob Ross.  With no real reason to back up my views, I suspect that a great many of the people looking for pictures of the curly coifed cancer victim are doing so while under the influence of “left handed” cigarettes.  So, it’s to these seekers, I dedicate this image (Be sure and click it to behold it’s true terror awesomeness!)

Be sure and click the image!Be sure and click the image!


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