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Review: One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery

One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery
One Horse Open Slay: A Crag Banyon Mystery by James Mullaney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I might be a bit biased for this book because I painted the cover, but I found the book to be a great light hearted romp in fantasy. In the tradition of the Eddy Bear mysteries and the Dirk Gently mysteries, Mullaney turns the detective novel on its ear. The lovable but gruff detective, Crag Banyon has been framed for the murder of one of Santa’s little helpers, and it leads him on a journey through the seedier side of the North Pole.

Mullaney does a great job of breathing new life into familiar figures and breaking down your preconceived notions of the holidays. There’s a chase scene near the end that isn’t to be missed. If you enjoy detective stories mixed with a healthy dose of humor, you’ll likely find this to be a grand romp!

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Review: Pure Drivel

Pure DrivelPure Drivel by Steve Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Does exactly what it says on the cover.

An absolutely delightful look at the random flotsam and jetsam that floats around in the head of one of our generation’s greatest comedians. When I read this and some of his other works, it just makes me wonder why his movies aren’t still this funny.

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My Computer Has A Bug!


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Happy Star Wars Day!

Dandy Dog with a geek holiday wish


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Mark my words–in eight months, you will remember this picture and this commercial:

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Jump Around!

Every once in a while, something comes along that is so inspired and awesome that it makes my inner child giggle with glee.  I stumbled across this excellent music video made by Jonathan Wrigley and just had to share it.  It’s a perfect blend of Bollywood and early 90’s hip-hop.   Enjoy it, and don’t fight the urge to Jump Around!

If you’re like me, that was enough to get you curious about the original music to the video. Well, with just a little research, I was able to track down the scene that was cut up to make that gem. Seeing it in its original form, just makes the editing that much more spectacular.

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What Happens When a Peanut Goes Missing?

Authorities fear he was assaulted.

I’m sure I’ve pointed it out before, but I’d just like to remind folks about my other blog–One Nut Shy.  It’s kind of like Garfield Minus Garfield, only with the Charlie Brown gang.  I’ve been on a long hiatus from making new ones, and I doubt I’ll be on any sort of regular schedule any time soon, but please, feel free to check out the 100+ comics that are up.  I’m particularly proud of a few of them, and I hope you’ll enjoy them, too.

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